Flat rate pricing is an easy way to understand and manage your factoring expense.

Flat rates are charged regardless of the amount of time it takes for your customer to pay the factor (Pavestone). Upon completion of our Service Application, Pavestone will review your average invoice amount, calculate your customers average days to pay, and review the ability of your customers to pay its obligations. Based on that equation, we are able to create a competitive Flat Rate structure for your company that provides liquidity, manages collections, and provides ongoing credit analysis as you focus on building your business.

By systematically managing the account receivables on your behalf, your customers are billed timely and all transaction detail is available 24/7 on our web portal.

Pavestone makes us feel as if we were their most important client. When we call, we are never put on hold and problems get solved straight away.

Brandon Spackman | AG Needs

You have successfully launched a business and on your way to success. Constant worries about cashflow and issues related to accounting come with the territory - no surprise there - but it can be a bit overwhelming for an organization with limited resources.

We can help!

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Pavestone takes pride in its ability to rapidly process factoring requests, from application to final funding. Many times a decision will be made to fund a business within 48 hours.

Please get in touch to find out how we can work together to help you achieve your goals. Our friendly factoring experts will answer your questions and can provide further information on our services and products.

Use the handy email form or give us a call at 855 621-3996 during normal business hours and find out first hand why our motto is "We can make this happen"!

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