AG Needs

AG Needs is a trucking firm specializing in the transport of agricultural products. The operation was founded in 2004 and serves the Western US and Canada.

Brandon Spackman started the business with the unbridled passion of an entrepreneur. He saw an opportunity and seized it, confident that he had the experience and knowledge to achieve success.

And succeed he did!

Pavestone helps me work through problems with clients who are experiencing credit issues, which strengthens my relationships and industry reputation

In 2013 he had an opportunity to significantly grow the business, but it required expanding his fleet, which is a significant capital expense. His then current financial partner did not offer the kinds of terms that made sense to Brandon, so he asked around and found Pavestone Capital.

The new relationship with Pavestone enabled AG Needs to expand their fleet from 6 to 20 vehicles, which led to significant business growth.

That relationship continues to this day. Brandon notes that “Pavestone always treats me as if I were their largest customer. They work with me on issues large and small and always resolve things quickly.”