Anderco Carpet 

Mike Ismail started Anderco Carpet more than 30 years ago and is still going strong – a rare feat in today’s hyper-competitive business landscape. He attributes his ongoing success to a couple of very basic business tenets: deliver value to your clients and treat them with respect.

Pavestone's factoring products are a perfect match for small business needs - the bonus is how they treat me as a true partner

Mike believes those very same concepts apply to his long term relationship with Pavestone Capital. Mr. Ismail first started doing business with Pavestone founder Tim Valdez about 15 years ago – when Tim founded Pavestone, Mike stuck with him based on their mutual trust and respect.  

Mike notes that "Tim Valdez stood by me during the 2008 financial crisis and helped me weather the worst economic downturn since the 1930s". Happily, Anderco sprung back after a period of consolidation and is now stronger than ever.