STW Healthcare

STW Healthcare founder Debbie Thomas Smith took the leap in 2008 and fulfilled the American dream by starting her own company.

STW HealthCare LLC is a staffing provider specializing in the healthcare industry. They have addressed both short term and long term staffing with top notch professionals who are licensed to perform within a variety of health-related fields, such as Lab Technicians, MRI Technologists, Medical Records Personnel, and more. 

Factoring is the perfect financial fit for Ms. Smith's business. She explains that "a Line of Credit from, say, a bank, is not an option because they require some form of collateral. Our assets are our people and industry connections; those assets are the very foundation of the business, and, as valuable as that may be for us, it does not cut it for banks." is comforting to know that STW Healthcare can take on additional business and not have to worry about the cashflow implications.

Debbie was referred to Pavestone by a business acquaintance, after becoming dissatisfied with her then-current provider. She was pleased to find out that Pavestone offered more competitive financing terms as well as providing a number of additional benefits, which made the move  a "no-brainer".

Commenting on the ongoing relationship, she remarked that "Pavestone works with me through all issues and is especially helpful with collections and credit checks, which allows me to focus on running my business. Knowing that they are there when you need them is truly empowering."